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Do you need any special electrical components? How much power will it require? In most cases, wiring a tanning bed for residential use is quite simple and costs very little. Wire a Tanning Bed Step 1 Read the manual that came with your tanning bed to learn the voltage your new tanning bed uses. Most tanning beds are or volts. Step 2 Determine whether your home’s electrical outlet will handle the tanning bed. If your tanning bed runs on volts, then chances are your tanning bed will work in a standard electrical outlet.

Larger Tanning Beds

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Determine whether your home’s electrical outlet will handle the tanning bed. If your tanning bed runs on volts, then chances are your tanning bed will work in a standard electrical outlet. Some larger tanning beds require volts.

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Your Verdict: Self-tanning products

Email Shares 52 We get a lot of questions on our electric wiring articles from folks tackling electrical projects in their own home. One of the most common and intimidating parts of electrical work is dealing with the main breaker panel. This article provides an overview of a breaker panel.

Dec 25,  · Best Answer: First, compare the amps on your AC unit to the amps on the tanning bed. If they are very close, or the same, step one is done. Next, check the plug. There are numerous different types of plugs and outlets and both the plug and outlet have to match for things to work : Resolved.

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Your Verdict: Self-tanning products

Friday, August 24, I am in the tanning bed business and can help you get your beds working again. I wish I could personally talk to you but I don’t think it is allowed so I will give you some advice. I know alot of people that work there because I used to a very large customer. I have seen people get ignored but most of the time it was because they were talking to what they thought was upper management but really to someone who had too much time on their hands and was playing with you.

Electrical Requirements: Basically a tanning bed is a large lamp fixture that requires electricity just like other lights. When purchasing a tanning bed for your home .

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Is it possible to get an itchy rash from tanning in a tannin bed?

Hour meter used on many tanning beds, and can be used on any project that requires an hour meter. Many people have asked for a meter that can be retrofitted to existing beds, or to replace a defective unit. Any project that needs an hour meter that runs on V can likely use this unit.

One problem with owning a tanning bed is the internal wiring, electrical components and bulbs or lamps are subject to being damaged if a power surge or power spike occurs in your neighborhood or home, maybe from a lightning strike or other issue.

Electrical Requirements for Tanning Beds Have you recently purchased a tanning bed from an individual or private party and are unsure about the electrical requirements? Or maybe you are researching tanning beds for purchase and are curious about everything that goes into owning one? Regardless of the answer, pre-installation planning with a tanning bed is recommended to ensure you have the necessary electrical wiring to support it.

So before you begin to assemble or place your tanning bed, be sure to read the instructions, manuals, booklets and other literature that comes with it. Please do not rely solely on this blog to install your tanning bed. If you already own a tanning bed and are having trouble locating the instruction manual, check the power cord of the tanning bed. Most manufacturers include a tag on the power cord for people curious about which voltage and receptacle are required to operate it.

Wolff Sun System Classic (240V) Tanning Bed with 24 Bulbs!

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Feb 14,  · I have never installed a home tanning bed that takes over a 20 amp circuit, feeding it with 40+ amps is not a good idea. Your cord isn’t big enough for one thing. There are plenty of reasons NOT to do this, and even more reasons to hook it up the correct way.

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Sundash Spa24 Home Tanning Bed Review

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