Line 6 GuitarPort RiffTracker

Line 6 GuitarPort RiffTracker

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Four ways to connect your instrument to GarageBand

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Just as there are books on “how to play the guitar”, there should be books “how to play a guitar amp rig”. There are books about guitar effects, and other books about guitar amps, and other books about guitars, and other books about recording the guitar. What’s needed is to identify and gather the truly most fundamental information — that has been tried but without successfully identifying the true key principles.

I have seen mentions of power attenuators, speaker isolation, and EQ pedals, but never with the strong emphasis that they deserve, and never in conjunction. Instead, the following chain is mistakenly presented as the foundation: When the above poor chain is expanded into more detail, multiple eq pedals aren’t shown one before all preamp distortion and another after all preamp distortion , and a power attenuator isn’t shown, except as one of many “setups of the stars” diagrams.

Technical Specification

Consider that I have Read complete review I believe to this day that the Pocket Pod, which is the Pod 2. I have played thru the X3 Live and this is where the versatility of the X3 Live can do two amps at a time.

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Line 6 has more experience with modeling technology than any other guitar company in the business. Our collection — which includes some of the finest vintage, modern and boutique tone machines ever created — has never sounded so good. To make the most of this collection you can chain together up to eight simultaneous effects, tweak the parameters of each to taste, and create parallel paths two independent tones each with its own amp and effects signal chain, from one or two input sources.

Use this breathtaking power to craft classic sounds from the annals of tone, or design new soundscapes that are entirely your own. Our cab models deliver every detail of this most crucial link in your sound chain. In the studio, the decision to mic your speaker cab with a condenser, ribbon or dynamic mic is as crucial a tone choice as where you set your gain and tone knobs. For POD HD Pro, we totally rebuilt our mic models — with reference to eight great examples of essential recording mics — to present more sonic detail and realism than ever before.

Countless legendary artists have achieved signature tones by routing their signal through two rigs simultaneously. Never before has a multi-effect with so many capabilities been so simple to use. Small adjustments and deep programmability are achieved with speed and ease. Set Lists and preset locations. Need a vast array of different tones available at the tap of a switch? Do you play in a band or bands? Organize your tones into Set Lists so the next tone you need is always on deck.

Line 6 Pod HD500X

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Microphone preamplifiers, tube mic preamps, Vintage guitar amps, great sounding mics- these are things that I feel deserve extra attention in the world of digital audio and DAWs. I will also focus on tape recorders, such as reel to reel machines like the teac , and four track cassette recorders like the tascam MkII. Though technically obsolete, these recording devices are more viable now than ever, and should be used!

The stereo frequency equalizer is a long misunderstood piece of hifi gear. I’ve seen many units in many homes with the sliders arranged in a standard “V” shape. It looks interesting enough, but what is it doing? It offers some really precise eq options. Well, the basic idea behind any eq is to correct some frequency that is either lacking, or too over bearing.

Adding a Second Line to Your Existing Phone Jacks

Immense care was taken to assemble a palette of tools that would let musicians quickly recreate the sound they hear in their head, without sonic compromise. The dual-DSP engine provides massive power to accurately recreate the dynamic feel of tube amplifiers, not just their sonic fingerprint. Not only do they provide the resolution of a point Impulse Response at lower DSP usage, they also provide a far more accurate low-end response than previously possible, as the proximity effect of the microphone is accurately captured at 12 different distances.

Helix also lets you load custom impulse responses, allowing you to personalize your rig setup even further. Once these elements are captured, you get classic bloom and gooey compression on some amps, and a powerful gut punch on others.

Buy Line 6 Pocket POD: Musical Instruments – FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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So feel free to experiment with different models. Digital delay is often cleaner and more sterile than its analog counterpart. Then move down the line with the following presets: With the MIX knob at five or under, I found that the processed signal, though audible, was just too subtle. All delays are somewhat time-sensitive , but I would still call this a generic, run-of-the-mill digital delay and not quite heavy enough to require a rhythmic handling.

Buy Line 6 POD HDX Guitar Floor Multi-Effects Pedal: Floor Multieffects – FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

Firehawk FX combines world-class tone with intuitive wireless editing so you can get the perfect sound faster than ever before. The Firehawk Remote app for iOS and Android gives you the power to sculpt great tone, right in the palm of your hand. Choose from over legendary amps and effects-including 48 HD models-and wirelessly control every detail of your sound.

You get access to internal presets plus a massive online tone library, making it easy to find the right sound for any recording session, rehearsal or gig. World-Class HD Modeling Firehawk FX is packed with over amps and effects, giving you powerful flexibility to create your own sound or reproduce the tones of any recording. From warm vintage classics to high-gain powerhouses, the world’s best amps are now at your fingertips.

And to take your sound even further, Firehawk FX is loaded with inspiring effects, including must-have stompboxes and stunning Line 6 originals. Firehawk FX is a powerful guitar processor that will foster your creativity and energize your playing.

LINE 6 POD PRO Pilot’s Handbook Manual

Yet it’s the only personal amp modeling and effects processor packed with over custom presets dialed in by rock stars and professional studio musicians who know great tone. With its 32 classic and modern amp models, 16 cab models, and 16 effects, Pocket POD enables you to create mind-blowing guitar tones wherever inspiration strikes. Just pop in 4 AAA batteries and you are good to go practicing with headphones or jamming with your favorite songs on your MP3 player.

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Spider review at intermusic. Instead of a whole selection of inflexible effects modules, Spider offers a brand new feature; that of Smart Control FX. The effects are split up into Modulation and Delay, the former comprising a digital chorus, flanger and tremolo, alongside a stereo delay, ping-pong and tape echo simulation. You can only choose one effect from each module, but each is totally programmable. With the Modulation effects, you can increase the rate of each by turning the knob within that effect’s control area.

Yes – the treble control is pre-dist on some Line6 models, giving you a 1-band EQ pre-dist and a 3-band EQ post-dist. The more extensive “pre” placement in the Valvetronix is part of what is good or at least realistic sounding in the VOX Valvetronix design. Five New Generation Modeling Amps. From Guitar Player, Dec. Hdphone, direct out, cab-sim output.

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A hook pod 1 according to claim 1, wherein the locking means comprises a locking member 8a or 8b mounted on the body 2 , the locking member comprising means for engaging with the cover 3 for locking the body and the cover in the closed configuration. A hook pod 1 according to claim 2, wherein the body 2 comprises a piston 9 , the piston being relatively movable with respect to the body, and the member 8a or 8b being connected to the piston.

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The PCB silkscreen provides wiring labels for all 9 wires (plus 1 shield “wire”). Of course, you’d have to open the pod up yourself and use a continuity checker to find out which pins of the High Density pin D-Sub connector these wires go to.

Page 13 A microphone pointing directly into the cone of a speaker will hear something different than one positioned off-axis. Line 6 carefully analyzed the coloring that standard microphones add to the guitar sound, as well as the effects of different mic placement techniques, and developed a set of cabinet simulations that give you the tone of great speaker cabinet and microphone combinations. Visit our ToneTransfer Web Library at www. Page 16 A, B, C, and D.

Page 17 Cabs in Chapter 5. More Delay details are in the Effects Chapter. Exactly how it works is detailed in Chapter 7: Plug the Unprocessed Guitar Out into your recorder, and plug the output of that track into the Line Level Input or feed the line level input via an effect send that gets signal from the recorded track. The line level input on your POD Pro helps you make the connections to these signals. Page 27 And Note:

Line 6 Toneport – Connecting to Speakers

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